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New! Organic Pickl-It Block-It Covers!

In keeping with our commitment to provide well-resesarch, reliable information and products - we're pleased to announce our patent-pending Pickl-It organic Block-It covers!

There is a Pickl-It Block-It cover for every size of Pickl-It jar.  You can purchase these Block-It covers here in our shopping cart.

Pickl-It Brine Calculator

Use the Pickl-It Brine Calculator to determine how much salt to use in your Pickl-It brine recipe.

Select the target brine %, amount and unit of water, and preferred salt weight unit.

Click ‘calculate’ and the calculator will tell you the amount of salt to use by weight in ounces or grams.

Fermented drinks require a 1% brine. Most whole-food pickles (cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, onion, etc.) require a 2%. Use 3.5% for pickled heritage-style cucumbers. New to fermenting olives? Use a 10% for a no-vinegar fermentation, which is worth the wait!

The Pickl-It Brine Calculator is calibrated only for the Pickl-It system. Mason-jar methods (with or without the airlock) are not capable of excluding oxygen and you must use more salt. We are not responsible for any outcomes – mold-growth, yeast-growth, bacterial-infection, histamine production – if the calculator is used for methods other than Pickl-It.

Pickl-It Brine Calculator
Target Brine:
Salt Required:
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Pickl-It Brine Recommendations

Salt is to brine, like flour is to a well-made bread. Proportions matter, and in both cases, measuring spoons and cups are worthless tools when it comes to measuring dry ingredients. Learn how to make a proper brine for your Pickl-It.

Happy Birthday Vitamines!

In 1912, a century-ago this year, a concept and a chemical – “vitamine” – was “discovered”.


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Did you know...

  • Traditional fermented soy sauce is made from a mixture of soy beans and rice, fermented by a variety of bacteria and fungi. These include: Lactobacillus delbrueckii, Aspergillus oryzae, Aspergillus soyae, and Saccharomyces rouxii.

    —Use ONLY Traditionally Fermented Soy Sauce


  • I bought mason-jar airlock jars thinking they would work for my grant-funded gut-healing research. Mold! Oxygen-rich yeast! I was crushed thinking my entire research project was destroyed because of the poorly designed equipment.  One of my co-workers recommended your Pickl-It and now my mold-free, high-bacteria count research is back on track. Thank you for your superb product that is affordable, laboratory-quality equipment.

    —Dr. Marian, TX University

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