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Salt is to brine, like flour is to a well-made bread. Proportions matter, and in both cases, measuring spoons and cups are worthless tools when it comes to measuring dry ingredients. Learn how to make a proper brine for your Pickl-It.

Happy Birthday Vitamines!

In 1912, a century-ago this year, a concept and a chemical – “vitamine” – was “discovered”.

Traditional Potato Preparation Reduces Acrylamide

Acrylamide formation during production of French fries is most effectively lowered by lactic acid fermentation of potato rods before deep-frying or baking.

New Christmas Traditions

We’ve created a number of new holiday food-traditions which harken back to traditions and recipes more common to our ancestors of old, more than modern “traditions”. Take a look at how Pickl-It Cranberry Orange & Apple Relish can be used to create a tasty Pickl-It Cranberry Granola Gems.

Honey-Gone-Good and Honey-Gone-Bad - Case Studies

Two case studies illustrate the importance of proper storage for your precious raw honey.


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  • In the thirteenth century, pickles were served as a main dish at the famous Feast of King John.

    —Feast Food


  • I’ve been talking lacto-fermentation to some of my avid gardening friends and have received rave reviews from those who have visitied your website. Without exception, the FAQ page and your personal story have been described as “amazing”. Your extensive research is extremely helpful and the recipes provided are superb. Just wanted to share with you the kudos you’re receiving from your new fans up here. Thanks for all your work and devotion!

    —Chris, Alaska

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