Phone and EMail Orders

Image PayPal LogoWhile our Shopping Cart is under maintanance, we still offer orders via email or phone and can take payment via credit-card (phone), paypal, or personal check.

TO ORDER: Please email your order to [email protected] and include the following information –

  1. Name, address, city, zip and phone number
  2. Names and quantity of the items you wish to purchase
  3. Any other special ordering or delivery instructions, including any special instructions
    • Please tell us if the shipment will be delivered to a home or business
    • If you want the Pickl-It sent to an address other than your own (e.g., a present for another person), please include the “Ship To” name, address, and phone number

We will create and send you an email-invoice.

If your payment preference is credit card, we can call you for payment when we are processing your email order. Or, if you would like additional assistance in ordering, give us a call at 603 722-0189. DO NOT SEND credit card information email.


  1. PayPal – We’ll send you an invoice with a PayPal link.
  2. Personal ChecksUSPS a personal check or money order to us at the address listed on the invoice we’ll email to you.
  3. Credit Cards – We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. do not send credit card by email just give us a call at 603 722-0189!

Pickl-It Phone Number: Our phone is (603) 722-0189, available 24/7 for voice mail messages.

Although the best way to reach us is via email, you can use the Google voice widget below to the right for a free phone call. During this busy season, we’ll return phone calls as time permits.

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