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Replacement Parts

While we’ve chosen heavy-duty, long-wearing components for Pickl-It, accidents, wear ‘n tear happen! So that you won’t lose your investment in your Pickl-It fermentation system, we offer component replacements. If you need a new lid or jar, please contact us directly.

ALL replacement items are available to Pickl-It customers ONLY.

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  • Cabbage was cultivated 2500 years ago by the Celts who domesticated it from wild Kale.

    —Cabbage History


  • I purchased some of your products this year and made some of the best sauerkraut I have tasted. My wife, son and brother-in-law all love the kraut I made. Thanks for a great product! By the way, the 5-liter bottles, also make 1-gallon of wine for me.

    —Johnnie Harper, North Carolina