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Create Your Own Bundle! Save 5%!

We manufacture Pickl-It – crafting, hand-assembling, packing and shipping your order, direct from our facility! That gives us flexibility that we can pass along to you!

…Create Your Own Bundle From Pickl-It “Singles” – Any Combination or Quantity with a $60 Minimum Order and Receive a 5% Discount!

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Coupon Code: CYOB5
$60 Minimum Order
Valid for Items: 3/4-Liter, 1-Liter, 1 1/2-Liter, 2-Liter, 3-Liter, 4-Liter, 5-Liter,
  1. Please remember to nsert the Coupon Code when checking out!
  2. The CYOB discount does NOT apply to any existing “Bundles”.
  3. The CYOB discount does NOT apply to any other product on our website.
  4. The CYOB discount may not be combined with any other promotions.

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  • The Greek, Pliny the Elder, in the first Century B.C. was one of the first in recorded history to mention sauerkraut

    —Greek Sauerkraut


  • Don’t give up on getting children to eat more lacto-fermented veggies than pickled cucumbers! Out of the mouth of my 4 1/2-year-old, Daniel, my most avid fermented food avoider, as he was eating his lunch earlier today, “Oh, bother! I forgot to have a bite of kraut!”

    … and yes, I gave him some kraut as I tried to very subtly pick my jaw up off the floor …

    —Cathy, SD