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Medium Bundle of Five
Item 532

Uses: Similar to the “Big Bundle of Five” (pictured), this bundle offers two popular and convenient sizes, the 1.5 Liter and 2-Liter Pickl-It fermentation system. Shipped in one heavy-duty box, this Bundle saves shipping costs and expands traditional food-preservation capabilities!

Pickl-It 1-1/2 Liter & 32Liter Medium Bundle of Five System Includes:

Two Each: 2-liter Pickl-It container
Capacity Each: 1-1/2 to 2-pounds or 1/2-gallon liquid

Three Each: 1-1/2-liter Pickl-It container
Capacity Each: 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 pounds or 1-1/2 quart liquid

5 Each:

  • Glass cover with installed airlock grommet
  • Natural BPA-free food-grade rubber gasket
  • High-capacity easy-to-clean barrel-style airlock
  • Plug’R – Converts Pickl-It into storage container when airlock is removed

Note: The Dunk'R is not included with Pickl-It jars and is not necessary for all ferments. If you are fermenting solid vegetables (not liquid ferments) you may add one or more Dunk'Rs with your purchase below, or here.

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Pickl-It Labeled Parts

Pickl-It Parts

A. Glass Fermenting Container – lead-free, high-quality, Italian-made glass with stainless steel, lead-free wire-bail; meets California safety standards.

B. Glass Lid with installed airlock grommet – lead-free Italian glass and stainless steel, lead-free wire-bail; USA-made silicone grommet specially-designed to resist lactic-acid created during fermentation; meets California safety standards.

C. Barrel Air Lock – Widely used in the making of beer and wine, allows escape of damaging oxygen, and excess carbon dioxide gas, prevents oxygen from entering; 3-part system is easy to disassemble and clean – Made in Canada; details

D. Dunk’R – High-quality laboratory food-grade, toxin-free, food-safe glass weight; USA Made; details here meets California safety standards – available to purchase separately

E. Plug’R: Superior dishwasher-safe and lactic-acid resistant silicone, the Plug’R converts the Pickl-It containers from fermentation to refrigerated food-storage. Made in USA; details here

F. BPA-Free Cover Gasket – Superior all-natural rubber material is food-safe; dish-washer safe; one-size fits all Pickl-It lids – Italian-made; replaceable

Pickl-It superior sealing and airlock system easily, simply, creates a wide-range of tasty fermented products.

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  •  I truly appreciate your swift reply to all my questions, and your glorious products!! I have a bad mold allergy, which is why I purchased the Pickl-It.  Thank you, again!

    —Kara B - Austin, TX