Pickl-It Dunk'R

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  • Buy 6 for $9.92 each and save 10%
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Pickl-It Dunk'R


Dunk’Rs are currently back-ordered and will ship beginning December 12th

The Pickl-It Dunk’R is ideal for holding fermented foods under the brine, during fermentation and refrigeration. Its surface is specially produced to remain insert in salt and acid.  For “How To” information, click here.

Not all ferments require the Dunk’R, and some Pickl-It sizes benefit from multiple Dunk'R. The Pickl-It Dunk’R is available as an add-on option for the Pickl-It authentic anaerobic system.  Foods that benefit from a Dunk'R include green beans, whole zucchini, salt-cured lemons and sauerkraut.

Pickl-It 750ml, 1-liter, 1.5-liter, and 2-liter require ONE Dunk'R each.

Pickl-It 3-liter, 4-liter and 5-liter require THREE Dunk'R.

The Dunk'R is not available for use with any other system, or for any use (candle holders, for example) other than Pickl-It food fermentation.   If you own a Pickl-It, and wish to purchase a Dunk'R for your existing system, please drop us an email and we'll be happy to create a private invoice for your purchase and provide a special customer discount of 10%.

See “Are Dunk’Rs included with the Pickl-It?”