Decant'R - 4-Pack 3/4-Liter

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Decant'R - 4-Pack 3/4-Liter


This is a special “Customer Requested” bundle – a 4-pack of 3/4-Liter Pickl-It Decant’R units, perfect for refrigerated-storage of your favorite lacto-fermented foods.

Divide a 3-liter Pickl-It into all four Decant’R units
Divide a 1.5-liter Pickl-It into two Decant’R units.

  • Decant your freshly-made fermented foods into smaller jars
  • Pickl-It Decant’R have the same airtight seal as the larger Pickl-It containers which mason-jars or other storage methods do not provide;
  • Decant’R airtight storage preserves fermented foods taste, texture and color
  • Using a Decant’R frees up your Pickl-It so you can make another batch of great fermented food!

INCLUDES 8 Plug’R and 4 Mini Airlocks

  • Plug’R Details: Specially-designed Plug-R lid valve lets you quickly, easily release carbon dioxide from the Decant’R without opening the Pick-It lid. Simply pull out, and quickly push back in. Reduces inflow of large volume of oxygen. This is ideal for low carbon-dioxide foods such as fermented mayo, chutneys, ketchup, or small-batches of lacto-fermented granola.
  • Pickl-It Mini Airlocks: Ideal for more active ferments which continue to create larger volume of carbon dioxide during storage, including sauerkraut, pickled cukes, beets, and other vegetable ferments; airlocks automatically release carbon dioxide so you don’t have to “burp” the wire-bail lid.