Korean White Radish Kimchi (Dongchimi)

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“Kimchi – Love it or loathe it, once you have eaten it, you will never forget it.” – David Chazan, BBC News

What an odd growing season we’ve had this past summer! While most crops suffered from summer’s snub – drenched in cold, pouring rain; deprived from the usual sweltering heat – the radish are shining stars, measuring 3-5 inches in length, and a girth to match! This is the year to make radish kimchi, one of the many variations of kimchi. described to me as a “Must Do!” by friends who claim it is their all-time favorite kimchi. (See Pickl-It FAQ,Kimchi)

Not All Kimchi is Red!

I’ve not been a kimchi-fan because of the cayenne pepper used for coloring and “heat”, the very thing that has, truthfully, put me in the “loathing” camp.

Staring at my pile of luscious radish, I decided to lacto-ferment it without the red pepper, and using a 2% salt brine – (See FAQ, Brine Article). After the Pickl-It was loaded with my beautiful radish discs, I THEN did my research, curious if anyone else had created a similar concoction….

Vanity, vanity says the Bible.

I discovered I was many centuries late with my radish kimchi technique which left out the pepper! I had made “White Kimchi”, a dish well-loved by Koreans!

“Kimchi made with hot peppers is a leading diet food. The capsaicin in hot peppers dissolves fat, and thus eating kimchi helps lose weight. But a recent study shows that white kimchi, which does not contain hot pepper, also prevents obesity. Conducted by a research team at Pusan National University, it shows that the garlic and ginger in white kimchi also produce fat-dissolving effects that are as strong as those generated by capsaicin.

“Pickled radish kimchi and sliced white radish kimchi promote digestion thanks to diastase, a digestive enzyme that is plentiful in radish,” says Park Chae-rin, a research director with Pulmuone’s Kimchi Field Museum. “Watery plain kimchi made of radish is very good at promoting digestion.” Flu-Trackers

There are numerous recipes for “white kimchi”, also named, “Dongchimi” or “Mool Kimchi”, all described as a “classic favorite of northern Korean”, “appreciated for its cooling effects in summer”, and its “heat-generating ability during harsh, cold winters”. Disc, diced or thread-cuts – all types of cuts are perfectly acceptable and traditional.

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White Kimchi Using Daikon Radish

““Korean Food at About.com”:http://koreanfood.about.com/od/sidedishesbanchan/r/Dongchimi.htm

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