Kimchi is a Happy Food

Kimchi Photo “Kimchi is a happy and cheerful food and more than a hundred different types of kimchi offer something to appeal to every personality and taste. The Koreans build kimchi awareness with humor, for example, they say “smile with kimchi’s sound!”, instead of “cheese!” when they are taking photographs.

Kimchi, sometimes described as “Korean sauerkraut”, shares a few attributes with German kraut including:

  • Sour flavor from lactic-acid fermentation
  • Cabbage as an ingredient
  • Credited with promoting longevity
  • Viral-killing properties
  • High in Vitamin C, natural probiotics and enzymes
  • Used as a condiment with meals
  • Naturally-preserved, having a long shelf-life when properly stored

While sauerkraut may be made with white or red cabbage, and occasionally, an addition of shredded carrots or caraway, kimchi goes beyond the cabbage, including a wide-range of vegetables and spices, resulting in fiery flavors from the addition of red peppers, or cayenne powder in addition to ginger and garlic.

My favorite kimchi recipe is my White Radish Kimchi. My husband’s favorite kimchi recipe is more classic – bok choy, garlic, green onions, ginger, carrots, and heavy on the red pepper spice! His kimchi has been known to drive people from the room, when he opens the lid. His mindset is, “That’s more for me…”…..

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South Korea’s spicy fermented cabbage dish, kimchi, could help to cure bird flu, according to researchers.