Dilled Carrot Recipe

We always have lacto-fermented carrots on hand. They’re wonderful added to a fresh garden salad, or, with the addition of yogurt, touch of honey, and drizzle of orange juice, they’re a new “fast food!”, turned into their very own side-salad!

dilled carrots

Pickl-It Dilled Carrots

1 1/2 lbs grated organic carrots (don’t peel!)
3 heads dill or 1 T packed fresh dill weed
2% brine (19 grams salt + 4-cups water)
1 1/2 T water for airlock

  1. Load the 1-liter Pickl-It with grated carrots and dill
  2. Pack carrots to remove air pockets
  3. Dissolve salt in water; pour over carrots until brine-height reaches the “shoulder”.
  4. Place lettuce, kale, chard, or cabbage leaf on top the shredded carrots,
  5. Place Dunk’R on top of chosen leaf material; insert flat-end of French rolling pin or wooden spoon into Dunk’R to press carrots/leaf, expressing oxygen
  6. Brine should extend 1-inch above carrots
  7. Snap the Pickl-It lid closed.
  8. Install airlock in lid (if it isn’t already in place), and add approximately 1 1/2 T water to the airlock, snapping on airlock plastic cover
  9. Place Pickl-It in a dark corner of the counter – for 3 to 5 days – drape towel around Pickl-It, but not over airlock, blocking light
  10. Ideal fermenting temperature is 72°F; if warmer, fermentation may occur in 3 days; if cooler, up to 7 days
  11. Remove the airlock and insert the Pickl-It Plug’R for refrigerator storage.

Ideal fermenting temperature is 68°F-72°F; if warmer, fermentation may occur in 3 days; if cooler, up to 7 days.

For some interesting facts about lacto-fermented carrots, read here