Finally, A Salad....

Salad Photo This past summer was an odd growing season. Crates normally bursting with abundance at “our” CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) instead contained signs – “Please Be Patient. Too Much Rain! Food is Growing Very Slow!” – and not food.

Farming is difficult and challenging enough, even during perfect growing conditions. This year is a good reminder that whole, fresh food, grown in a biodynamic, sustainable manner – picked fresh from the field – is a lesson in Providence.

Gradually, after a few weeks of sunshine, the crops caught up – signs on the bins changed to, “Tasting Portions! Please Take Small Amounts!” We were able to make a lovely salad with fresh, baby lettuce, cukes, zucchini, spring onions, parsley, cilantro, basil and a few leaves of spinach.

Tip Star Use the brine of your lacto-fermented vegetables as the base for salad-dressings. Add herbs, a splash of olive oil, to create a light, refreshing, and extremely healthy salad dressing.

The lacto-fermented beets and carrots that I used for tonight’s salad dressing, were last year’s crop, stored over the winter and spring, still available to us early in this summer’s growing season. They tasted every bit as good as when they were fresh from the field last fall. I’m so thankful for our CSA farmers!