Sauerkraut Tips

Shredding Kraut with Mandoline

Helpful Review of Key Points:

  • Don’t forget to place 2 tablespoons water in your Pickl-It airlock! The airlock removes oxygen from the Pickl-It fermentation system, eliminating histamine development and other toxins.
  • Temperatures between 68 and 72F are ideal for making sauerkraut. Any warmer, and fermentation happens too quickly. Any cooler, and fermentation slows down.
  • “Older” cabbages – those not fresh from harvest – make better sauerkraut, because they’ve had time to age, creating more sugar which is good for feeding the lactic-acid bacteria.
  • We like cabbages in the 3-4 pound range. Any larger, they may taste more bitter, making a “spicier” sauerkraut that children don’t like as well.
  • Weigh your cabbage AFTER you’ve sliced it.
  • Select the correct size Pickl-It based on capacity
  • For every 5-lbs of grated cabbage, use 22 grams of sea salt. Do not use any salt with a pigment. This will discolor your brine.
  • Layer the finely-threaded cabbage with the salt. Do not mash, beat, or pulverize. Let the salt extract the liquid from the cabbage, creating the brine.
  • The best cut is a “thread” cut – thin strands of cabbage of equal widths.
  • We highly recommend either a 3-blade authentic cabbage cutter, or astainless steel mandolin in either an angled or horizontal-fixed blade.
  • Mandolin cutting techniques are describedhere.
  • We also recommend not reducing, or eliminating the use of salt.Lactic-acid bacteriabenefit from the minerals in unrefined, high-quality sea salt.
  • Do not use salt that is refined, or contains anti-caking agents.
  • Keep all food under the brine, usingthis technique.
  • Sometimes, a harmless fungus – a translucent, waxy “pancake” formation – develops on top your kraut. Simply scoop it off, or it will negatively affect the flavor.
  • Storing kraut in Pickl-It container: All Pickl-It sauerkraut should be stored in a Pickl-It. It’s important for oxygen to be pushed up and out of the Pickl-It jar after removing saurkraut or its juice.
  • Please remember to always place a cover around the Pickl-It to block out light. Do NOT place a cover over the airlock.

– More information on proper cutting techniques.