Picking a Pepper for Pickl-It

To get started, pick a pepper to pickle….

First, know your pepper! Baskets of assorted peppers can be intimidating, but if you take a moment to look through a good pepper primer, you’ll quickly become a pepper-pro!

Be sure to choose the right pepper for the right purpose! Here’s a quick glimpse of the most commonly-available peppers and their uses: fresh, dried, and fermented:

Image Graphic Chile Anaheim: Very mild; 6-8 inches in size; deep, shiny green. Often stuffed or added to salsas.
Image Graphic Chile Ancho: Dried or fresh poblano pepper. Dried anchos are flat, wrinkled, and heart shaped. They range in color from very dark red to almost black. Anchos are mild to moderately hot and often soaked and ground for use in sauces.
Image Graphic Cayenne: From four to twelve inches in length. Deep green, yellow, orange, or red. Long, skinny, and wrinkled in appearance. Hot in taste.
Image Ferment Icon Cherry: Round and red like a cherry. Sold fresh or pickled in jars, these peppers range from mild to moderately hot.
Image Ferment Icon Habanero (Scotch Bonnet): Typically yellow-orange, but also green, red, or orange. Lantern shaped, typically about 2-inches long; hottest pepper grown commercially; intense fiery flavor; unique floral flavor and extremely intense heat that affects the nasal passages.
Image Ferment Icon Jalapeno: Most often green when mature but sometimes red. They are very hot, with an immediate bite. Use whenever recipe simply calls for hot chile peppers. They can be fresh or canned. When smoked, jalapenos are called chipotles.
Image Ferment Icon Poblano: Poblano peppers look like small bell peppers and are mild to hot on the hotness scale. They can be fresh or canned.
Image Ferment Icon Serrano: Sold red or mature green and about 1 to 4 inches in length. Moderate to very hot with an intense bite. Can be found canned, pickled, or packed in oil with vegetables. Often served in Thai or Mexican dishes.

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