Pickl-It For Pets

Image Parrot Eating A little over 20-years ago, parrots found their way into our hearts and home. Parrot breeders, at the time, were on the cusp of discovering better feeding practices, providing living-nutrient, whole-foods for their flocks.

Avian veterinarians, however, protested the move away from processed, extruded pellets and fortified seed mixes, with one of them explaining his thinking to us –

“People may start off with good intentions, feeding their birds a whole-food, healthy diet, but providing consistently healthy-food takes a lot of work. Sooner or later, people slack-off, not making the same effort. Birds suffer…develop disease from malnourishment…most are difficult to cure. Even though parrots develops yeast and bacterial infections on the pellet-diets, I can patch them up every year or so with antibiotics…”….

I encountered the same mindset from a developmental pediatrician who was evaluating our son’s gut-disorder, common to Autism Spectrum Disorders. When I mentioned our straight-off-the-organic-farm, whole-food, nutrient-dense diet, he responded –

“I’ve had many clients who have good intentions, and while I admire your spirit and desire to do the best for your son – because there’s nothing as good as what you’re describing – I have to warn you, it’s a lot of work and processed foods are easier….”….

Image Parrot Food We didn’t want patched-up-parrots. And we didn’t want patched-up people.

If we were going to dice, chop, and grate fresh foods for our parrots, we could certainly do that for ourselves.

Out went the factory-processed, chemical-laden foods, for human and parrot alike, and in came fresh, off-the-farm foods. A real bonus was the benefit we all received – parrots, poodle and human alike – from our Pickl-It lacto-fermented foods.

Instead of providing processed, powdered-probiotics, commonly-recommended for parrots and canines, we give our companions a daily dose of Pickl-It lacto-fermented foods.

A teaspoon of brine, added to the parrot-diet – freshly germinated seeds, grains and legumes – along with some of the lacto-fermented vegetables including carrots, beets, and even sauerkraut, make for happy birds.

The poodle prefers his brine and veggies served with his raw meat, beneficial for helping his digestion break down the proteins. Whether feathered or furry, all of them recognize when kefir is being served, begging, until they’ve had their fair share.

Moral of this story: Digestive systems – canine, psittacine or human – all benefit from properly-prepared lacto-fermented foods.