Dilled Carrots Are Tasty and Healthy!

Salad Photo Carrots fermented with fresh dill weed, have been proclaimed by my 9-year-old chef-in-training, to be “the very, very best, EVER!” Great as a side-salad, sandwich filling, or topping for a mixed-greens salad, the brine is also wonderful, used as a simple salad dressing!

Not only do these fermented carrots have a refreshing, “clean” flavor, but a little research shows they offer numerous health benefits.

  • While the carrot has been falsely accused of containing too much sugar (glycemic index is only 47), fermenting further reduces the sugar’s impact.
  • Fermented carrots have more nutritional fiber than wheat bran, something that food researchers are just now realizing they need to study, instead of focusing on grains.
  • Microbiology research has shown that lactic acid fermented carrots have an increase in the availability of iron, improving iron solubility up to 30 fold.
  • As with other lactic acid fermented food, the rate of digestion and absorption is slowed down, allowing the digestive process more time to extract nutrients.
  • When digestion and absorption are slowed down, there’s the added benefit of being “full”, reducing over-eating.
  • A Swedish study fermented-carrot-juice showed that the mineral inhibitor, phytate, was completely degraded during the lacto-fermentation process.

Don’t forget your pets! Our poodle and parrots are extremely enthusiastic about these carrots. Fermented foods are very important for pets, helping them to maintain a health balance of beneficial microbes, just like us!

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