Pastured Eggs - Powerhouse of Nutrition!


Image Chicken WormConfine a chicken (or duck or goose) to a crowded, sun-free containment setting, forcing it to eat an unnatural "vegetarian" diet of grains, and the end-product will be lipase-deficient eggs.

Allow poultry to run through sun-drenched grass pastures (30% of their diet should be grass) where they can freely feed on insects and bugs - their normal diet! - you'll benefit from lipase-rich eggs.

Lipase, richly available in raw, pastured egg yolk, is an important enzyme which breaks down and transport nutritional components.  We've made it a habit to add raw eggs yolks into our salad dressings, a traditional recipe dating back to ancient Rome and Greece.

While many believe raw eggs yolks are the only way that all eggs should be eaten, Masterjohn addresses this egg-myth.

"Many people believe that the health benefits of egg yolks are greater when the yolks are consumed raw. Heat destroys enzymes, reduces the amounts of certain nutrients, and may make the amino acid cysteine less available, which is needed to synthesize the master antioxidant of the cell, glutathione.

Those who eat raw egg yolks report easier digestion, increased stamina, and resistance to illness — not to mention a quicker snack if they're on-the-go.

There is little evidence beyond such anecdotes that egg yolks are truly more beneficial when consumed raw."

In addition to raw egg yolks being rich in lipase, Mother Earth News lists other superior health benefits and nutrition of pastured eggs:

  • Provides valuable, natural digestive enzymes
  • Rich in Vitamin D and E which reduce incidence of strokes
  • Great source of Vitamin A
  • Particularly rich in lipases (one of the digestive enzymes), essential to digestion and  fat metabolism
  • Good source of choline, linked with preserving memory
  • Healthy amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, may protect against vision loss
  • 7 times MORE Beta Carotene than factory-produced eggs!Raw egg yolks offer important dietary-lipase (enzyme) which is crucial 

Raw eggs make tasty, healthly Pickl-It Lipase-Rich Mayonnaise!