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End of Summer Lacto-Fermented Green Cherry Tomatoes

This is an incredibly simple recipe. They’re ready to eat in about two weeks, but store incredibly well throughout the winter. Don’t expect a tomato flavor, but instead, more like a pickled-seasoned tomatillo.

Potent Lactic-Acid Bacteria for Heavy-Metal Decontamination

Use Pickl-It to put the power of naturally-occurring lactic-acid bacteria to work in your grains, seeds and legumes.

Pickl-It Pickled-Garlic Bacon Ice Cream

One of our favorite offerings at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, is their world-renowned garlic ice cream. Depending on how much you love its raw burn and “Stinking Rose” factor, it can either be a tasty-treat or a scary-dare. Using Pickl-It lacto-fermented garlic, instead of raw garlic, is this recipe’s secret ingredient….

New 2, 4 and 5-Liter Pickl-It and Mini-Airlocks!

The Pickl-It line is expanding!

Image 5-Liter Three New Sizes of Pickl-It Containers!

  • 4-Liter – Second-largest Pickl-It, for large-batch lacto-fermentation of sauerkraut, pickling-cukes and popular beverages like water-kefir, coconut-kefir, ginger-beer and the ever-popular “more!” Also handy for brining brisket for saltpeter-free corned beef. May or may not fit most refrigerators. Decant to smaller Pickl-It like the 1-Liter for convenient refrigerated-storage.
  • 5-Liter – Pictured in the photo, loaded with 3-5-inch pickling cukes, this is 1-liter larger than the 4-Liter, perfect for large families or creating favorite large-batches of reliable long-term storage foods such as kraut, pickling-cukes, and kimchi. Also great for brining meat! Will not fit most refrigerators. Decant to smaller Pickl-It like the 1-Liter for convenient refrigerated-storage.

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Image Mini Airlock Mini-Airlocks for Refrigerated Storage! (What is an airlock?)

  • 50% smaller than our full-size airlock
  • Two-part construction
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Included with all 3/4-Liter, 1-Liter, Condiment Duo, and Condiment Trio
  • Ideal for refrigerator-storage of foods that require long-term “curing” and are active producers of carbon dioxide, such as kraut, pickled-cukes, kimchi, and pepper mashes
  • Fits all Pickl-It lids
  • Not intended for use on 3-Liter, 4-Liter, or 5-Liter larger for initial fermentation; may be used for secondary-fermentation on these sizes, or long-term storage

Are My Pickled Cukes "Done"?

Here’s a handy photo comparing “fresh” 3-day old naturally brine-cured cukes with those that are fully-cured.


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  • “There are many useful microbes, amongst which the lactic bacilli have an honorable place.” Élie Metchnikoff, “Father of probiotics”.

    —Metchnikoff Lactic Bacilli Honorable


  • I love Pickl-It, all my probiotics are made at home in my Pickl-It. My favorite is pickled carrots.

    —Mark - Bozeman, MT