I've made fermented kraut and cukes, but I'd like to do more. What else is there?

Sauerkraut and cucumber pickles are lacto-fermented foods my grandmother always had on hand, and now I do, too! Any vegetable can be cured, brined, cultured, or lacto-fermented (same process, just different names!). Cookbook authors and food researchers, Sandor Katz, “Wild Fermentation”, and Sally Fallon in “Nourishing Traditions”, provide encouragement, as well as wonderful ideas on how to “pickle” a wide-range of vegetables, including:

  • Kimchi
  • Cinnamon & Clove Spiced Beets
  • Ginger-Spiced Carrots
  • Dilly Carrots
  • Green Beans (Dilled with garlic is our favorite!)
  • Pearl Onions
  • Whole Peeled Garlic Cloves
  • Red, Yellow and Green Peppers
  • Jalapenos – slices and pureed for our own flavorful “green” sauce
  • Kohlrabi – slices, sticks and cubes
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cranberry Chutney
  • Tomato & Cilantro Salsa
  • Scapes (flower portion of the garlic plant)
  • Red Cabbage – technically, yes, sauerkraut but on a whole new level!
  • Horseradish sauce – the fumes that can knock you to the floor are controlled in the Pickl-It!