What is aerobic fermentation?

Oxygen Graphic “Aerobic” fermentation means that oxygen is present. Wine, beer and acetic acid vinegar (such as apple cider vinegar), need oxygen in the “primary” or first stage of fermentation.

When creating acetic vinegar, for example, exposing the surface of the vinegar to as much oxygen as possible, creates a healthy, flavorful vinegar with the correct pH.

Aerobic fermentation actually is a misnomer, fermentation by definition is anaerobic. In the presence of Oxygen (aerobic) “cellular respiration,” not fermentation, occurs. The bacteria involved in fermentation actually prefer to use Oxygen, because it is more energy efficient. However, “cellular respiration” does NOT produce lactic-acid, the goal of lacto-fermentation.

As Oxygen is NOT desirable in the lactic-acid fermentation process, Pickl-It was designed to optimize for anaerobic fermentation.