How do I install the lid on the Pickl-It?
Image Attach Lid To Attach the Lid:
  • Open or hold the lid in a 90-degree upright position.
  • Slide the lid’s bail-wire “loop” on to the jar’s wire “hook”.
  • Pinch both loops together, and slide the second loop on to the remaining hook.

To Detach the Lid:
  • Open the Pickl-It lid and with one hand, hold the lid slightly open.
  • With your other hand, “pinch” the wire-bail loops which are securing the lid to the jar’s neck band.
  • “Pinch” the lid’s wire-bail loops together
  • Slide one loop off one hook
  • The 2nd loop should easily slide off the remaining hook; a slight tilt of the lid, changing its angle, will help release the loop from the hook.