You don't use distilled vinegar when making your pickles? Why?

Image Pickles The modern food-processing industry, replaced the traditional nutrient-dense, lactic-acid brine (created from lactic-acid bacteria during fermentation) with dead-nutrition, distilled acetic-acid vinegar. They could not mass-produce pickled-foods, using lacto-fermenting artisan methods, on a large-scale.

Using distilled acetic-acid vinegar for “pickling” can best be described as a killing and embalming process. Distilled vinegar, for example, is an effective household cleaner, weed and plant killer, its pH measuring 0 effectively killing most every microbe – harmful or beneficial – with which it comes into contact.

Using distilled vinegar has absolutely nothing in common with lacto-fermented, vibrant, rich-in-microbes, living foods! Weston A. Price Foundation recommends that distilled products – vinegar or alcohol – should be shunned, and are NOT appropriate in a healthy diet.

That’s not to say that ALL vinegars are unhealthy. Some, like Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) are properly fermented, not pasteurized, and are considered to be “raw”, loaded with “living nutrition”. Even so, Bragg’s does not have a place in the early stages of lacto-fermentation. For more information on how to use Bragg’s “raw” ACV, read this FAQ

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Detox and Cleanse with RAW Apple Cider Vinegar – But make sure your apple cider vinegar is truly “raw”; this article discusses how some inexpensive apple cider vinegar knock-offs are just distilled vinegar with coloring added!

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