What is carbon dioxide?

CO2 Label

Carbon dioxide has a crucial role, creating tasty, anaerobic fermented foods –

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, noncombustible gas that is soluble in water.
  • One and one-half times heavier than oxygen, expands and pushes oxygen out of fermenting chambers through the Pickl-It airlock
  • Creates an anaerobic environment, encouraging healthy development of lactic-acid bacteria.
  • Is not combustible when exposed to flames, BUT, will explode containers when it builds up, demanding the need for an airlock, or manually “burping” (quickly remove and replace cover, or open/close wire-bail) of the container if no airlock is used.
  • A “mixer!” moving through the fermented foods, CO2 “stirs” the lactic acid bacteria, rearranging pockets of microbes to reduce concentrated elements which which create off-flavors and affect coloration.
  • Gives breads and sourdough batters their good texture.
  • Stabilizes Vitamin C in fermented foods (one reason why seafarers who brought along sauerkraut were spared the ravages of scurvy!).
  • Secondary fermentation of Kefir, CO2 creates “bubbles”, earning kefir the name of dairy “champagne”