What is the Pickl-It Airlock?

Airlock Photo The airlock is a very important component of the Pickl-It system, fitting snugly in a grommet located in the Pickl-It lid, filled 1 1/2 T of water which:

  • Releases excessive pressure created by the fermentation gases (carbon dioxide)
  • Creates important anaerobic conditions inside the chamber, removing oxygen from the fermenting chamber
  • Creates an anaerobic environment preferred by lactic-acid bacteria
  • Helps lock in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients oxidized (destroyed!) in other open-vessel fermentation techniques
  • Uses water as an insulator, blocking oxygen from entering the fermenting chamber; also acts as a filter, reducing “emissions” during fermentation (reduces strong fermenting odors, appreciated by sensitive noses!)
  • Reduces emissions, thereby, reducing pests attracted to emissions
  • Eliminates “pest” infestation, blocking entry from the fermenting chamber
  • Releases excess carbon dioxide, and other gases created during fermentation, reducing food discoloration and “off” flavors
  • Creates an anaerobic environment, required by lactic acid bacteria to produce more consistent color, flavor and texture of food.

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Need help installing your airlock in the Pickl-It cover?: Installing the airlock

Three Parts of the Airlock

To read more about how lactic-acid bacteria remain healthy in a low-oxygen, lacto-fermentation process, read the article, The Microbial Process of Lacto-Fermentation.