What is a Pickl-It Plug'R?

Plug'R Photo

The Pickl-It Plug’R simply and easily converts your Pickl-It to a refrigerator-storage container!

It’s easy to do –

  • Gently remove the airlock with a clock or counter-clockwise twisting motion, holding on to the grommet to give it extra support.
  • Gently twist the Plug’R in to the red grommet on the lid
  • Insert the Plug’R, just until you feel resistance; no need to push down all the way

The Pickl-It Plug’R was designed to release excessive carbon dioxide (CO2). The Plug’R will “pop” out, before the jar “pops”!

No matter your storage method, you should always release the CO2 build-up. Unlike screw-on two-part metal or plastic lids, the Plug’R keeps oxygen out of the fermenting chamber.

Simply pull the Plug’R out for a short 2-3 seconds, and reinsert!

That is all it takes to release excess CO2 from the Pickl-It. In its rush to get out, the CO2 pushes oxygen away from the cover, so oxygen won’t get in! Simple!