Is there a maximum limit when filling the Pickl-It?

Food Expansion The Pickl-It has a “shoulder” – the curved corners about 1-inch below the “neck”. In the beginning, until you get a sense for how much each vegetable, grain or dairy expands during fermenting, use the shoulder as a fill-guide.

Do not load the Pickl-It above the “shoulder”. The photo shows how much the carrots expanded during the first 3-days of fermentation – about 1-inch over the shoulder. Firmly packing vegetables (especially if shredded or grated), helps to reduce the expansion, as it removes excess oxygen which causes bloating of food.

If fermenting sourdough batters, such as dosa, do not load the Pickl-It any higher than 75% – approximately 1-inch BELOW the “shoulder” of the Pickl-R, or the batter may over-expand, drawn up and out the airlock.