How do I install the airlock into the Pickl-It lid?

Image: Airlock The Pickl-It airlock is designed to be inserted into the red grommet, crafted into the glass Pickl-It lid.

  • Insert the airlock from the top, down.
  • Use a gentle, clockwise or counterclockwise twisting motion with “gentle, downward pressure”
  • Press two fingers of one hand, on the underside of the grommet, giving support
  • Use the 2nd hand to twist the airlock with a gentle, downward pressure.
  • The airlock is correctly inserted when the air-ports on the bottom-tip clear the underside of the grommet.

It is not necessary to position the airlock any lower than shown in the photo. If the airports are lower, brine might be drawn up into the airlock, and out the top of the Pickl-It, resulting overflow.

When removing the airlock, place two fingers on either side of grommet’s top, and once again, gently twist, using a pulling motion. (see photo)

Tip Star
The airlock and grommet were created for a tight air seal.
If the fit seems too tight, a few drops of water on the airlock tip, as well as the lid’s grommet, are sufficient lubrication.
Do NOT lubricate the grommet or airlock with any fat or oil.