Is there lead in the Pickl-It wire-bail or glass container?

Image Pearl Onions There is no lead in the Pickl-It wire-bail metal closure OR its glass container, both manufactured by Bormioli Rocco, in business since 1825.

Bormioli is known for its industry-leading innovation, design, and commitment to high-standards, exceeding California 65 safety standards. While California 65 allows for “acceptable” levels of lead, Bormioli has taken the position that lead is not an acceptable ingredient in food-related products.

Our youngest battles Autism, so we greatly appreciate Bormioli’s “No Toxin” commitment, making them our wire-bail container of choice for the Pickl-It!

There is…..

  • No Plastic
  • No Lead
  • No BPA
  • No Glaze
  • No Cadmium
  • No Petroleum

…in any Pickl-It component!

Tip Star It does matter which containers you use to ferment your foods. Some antique glassware, pottery, porcelain or glaze in slow-cooker crocks are known to leach lead or cadmium into food.

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