How do I detach and re-attach the wire-bails from the Pickl-It?

Removing the bail-wire two-part assembly from the Pickl-It container and lid, preserves the shiny, stainless-steel finish, caused by harsh dishwasher detergents.

Removing and reattaching the wire is very simple process, demonstrated in the following photos:

Image Both Bands Off

This image shows both halves of the wire-bail assembly, removed from the Pickl-It container and the Pickl-It lid.

LEFT SIDE OF IMAGE: Container – wire-bail fits into a groove in the container’s “neck”. RIGHT SIDE OF IMAGE: Lid – wire-bail fits into a groove around the perimeter of the lid.

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Image Attach Lid
Graphic No 2 Remove the Pickl-It Lid
  • Unsnap the lid by lifting the triangular latch
  • “Pinch” the lid loops together – they’re located on the opposite side of the latch, holding the Pickl-It lid to the container’s wire-bail hooks
  • Unhook the loops, one at a time, first the left, then the right. You may need to lift the lid up, and tilt it a bit to release the lids loops from the container’s wire’s hooks.
Image Cover Band
Graphic No 3 Remove the wire-bail from the Pickl-It Lid
  • Grab a wire-bail hoop with each hand
  • Gently spread the hoops in opposite directions, away from the sides of the lid
  • Lift the wire-bail away from the lid, for final separation
Image Clasp
Graphic No 4 To Detach the Container’s Bail-Wire from the Pickl-It Neck:
  • Slide or wiggle the “loop” off the wire-bail’s “hooks”.
  • After sliding off the loop, grasp the hooks, one with each hand….
  • Gently spread the hooks outward, away from the Pickl-It neck…
  • Lift the wire off the Pickl-It container.

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Image Latch
Correct Latch Position When Reattaching the Pickl-It Neck Wire
  • The v-shaped lever faces downwards
  • Square-shaped latch, which connects onto the Pickl-It lid, points upwards

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