How is the Dunk'R used to remove oxygen from foods?

Dunk'R PhotoReducing oxygen is a very important step towards a successful lacto-fermentation, creating a healthy anaerobic-environment inside the Pick-It.

The Pickl-It Dunk'R can help!

The Dunk'R is hand-made, then fire-polished for strength and beauty. It can stand up to the pressure of being used as a press, pushing trapped oxygen up and out of the vegetables.

Simply load your Pickl-It container with shredded, chopped, sliced or julienned pieces of vegetables. Add the brine.

Place the Dunk'R, flat-side down, on top the vegetables.

Insert a thick handle of a wooden spoon against the Dunk'R, or the flat-end of a French rolling pin.

Slowly and gently push the Dunk'R down, compacting the vegetables in the brine.

Usually, 4-6 gentle pushes are enough to remove any remaining oxygen.  You'll see the large bubbles of air, coming to the surface.  You're all set! Leave the Dunk'R in place underneath the brine.  

If a few shreds of vegetables want to float to the surface, breaking through the brine, simply place several washed, whole lettuce, kale or cabbage leaves under the Dunk'R. Use the Dunk'R like a food paper-weight.

Snap the Pickl-It wire-bail latch closed and fill the airlock 

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