There's brine in my airlock! What happened?

Fermented Dosa Batter Brine or batter drawn into the airlock happen for three reasons&58;

  • Foods were not compacted, eliminating air pockets
  • Too much food was packed into the Pickl-It, exceeding the capacity of the fermenting chamber
  • Food + brine exceeded the maximum fill
  • In the case of this dosa batter, (we didn’t capture a photo and should have!), we experimented, using 2 T of the proceeding batter which made this one VERY active. It was spurting out the top of the airlock like a chocolate desert fountain.

If you find brine (or batter) in your airlock:

  1. Open the Pickl-It
  2. Remove the airlock; rinse it out
  3. Push the food down with the Dunk’R, removing any air
  4. Remove enough brine and food, reducing the contents to the maximum fill (go ahead and eat them!)
  5. Place the Dunk’R on the vegetables, making sure it is covered by brine
  6. Reinsert the airlock
  7. Latch the Pickl-It closed
  8. Refill the airlock with 1 1/2 T of water
  9. Snap the airlock cover into position
  10. Cover the Pickl-It, moving it back into a dark corner

Overflow happens, more often in the early learning stages. Be of good cheer, that overflow indicates you have a healthy, happy, active, growing lacto-fermentation in the works!