Can I store fermented foods in a vacuum-sealed glass jar?

Image Wide Mouth Seal While food vacuum jar sealers are a great tool for food storage and preserving, we don’t recommend their use when refrigerating fermented foods.

During refrigeration, lacto-fermented foods continue to “out-gas”, accumulating carbon dioxide and others gases in the fermenting chamber. The gases need to be released, and we’ve found that the Pickl-It container, outfitted with a Plug’R, is the easiest, most effective method to make sure your food stays protected, and the jars don’t explode.

The second best storage method is a wire-bail container – a Pickl-It style jar – but without the Plug’R conversion. Gently release the wire-bail latch, “burping” the excess gas. When a fermented-food is newly-made, you’ll need to “burp” the refrigerated ferment, once a day for one to two weeks. Some ferments are more “wild” then others in the amount of gas they produce. Summer ferments are more active, for example, than winter.

After a couple weeks (up to a month), you’ll notice a decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced. “Burping” can be trimmed back to a weekly event.