Do I sterilize the Pickl-It containers?

White Radish Kimchi Photo When you’re using the Pickl-It for the very first time, the manufacturer suggests washing the container and lid with warm, soapy water.

After that, an article published in June, 2009, suggests,

…sterilizing jars or crocks for sauerkraut or pickles is optional. It’s OK to simply wash the jars in hot, sudsy water. Make sure that the food is completely submerged in the brine – some recipes call for weighting down the vegetables.” – San Francisco Gate

Re-using jars, without washing, is another option. If you’ve just finished lacto-fermenting a 3-liter batch of sauerkraut, decanting it into four Pickl-It Decant’R units for refrigerator storage, go ahead and immediately reuse the 3-liter jar. Its internal walls are coated with lively lactic-acid bacteria as well as lactic-acid, both of which will protect your new batch of freshly-sliced cabbage on its journey to sauerkraut.