What are the nutritional requirements of lactic-acid bacteria?
The Science Graphic One of our customers mentioned they view their lacto-fermented foods as “pets”. They’re not far from wrong! Lactic-acid bacteria – foundational to all fermentation processes – have complex nutritional needs and thrive on starches, amino acids, nucleotide bases, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and carbohydrates from vegetables, grains and dairy.

A few simple guidelines will ensure your lactic-acid bacteria are well-fed, which will, in turn, feed you well! To the best of your ability, use:

  • High-quality, biodynamic-grown vegetables, fruits and dairy from grass-fed animals
  • Antibiotic-free milk, as antibiotics will kill lactic-acid bacteria
  • Filtered water that doesn’t contain fluoride or chlorine (both kill lactic-acid bacteria)
  • Unrefined, high-mineral sea salts
  • Cover Pickl-It (do not cover the airlock) to block UV light

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