Why is my cow-milk kefir fishy tasting?

Image Cow Art This is not a Pickl-It-specific question, but one that we’ve heard repeated a few time over the years, so we decided to include it in our FAQ, just-in-case. The “fishy” milk may be due to a “nonsense mutation” in the FM03 gene, a common problem in some cows. The entire article with the science-answers is located here High-quality, fresh fish shouldn’t even taste “fishy”, so if you encounter “fishy milk”, find another farmer or supplier.

Personally? We prefer the taste and texture of goat milk kefir to that of cow kefir. The only downside to goat milk is its low folate level, compared with cow milk. And goat milk is also lower in Vitamin D, iron and Vit B12. We drink cow milk “fresh”, making it into cultured butter, and kefir our goat milk. And if you like cow collectibles? Try this site. We’re not affiliated or associated, but think they’ve got some really great “stuff”!