What are the sizes and capacities of the Pickl-It?

We've designed the Pickl-It so there's a perfect size to fit your need - from single to triple batches of sourdough batters, 1 to 4 pounds of peppers, kraut, or pickles - Pickl-It is designed to fit the container size to the amount of food.  

To give you an idea of sizes, beginning with their capacity - 

  • 1/2 = 1/2-Liter or <1-pint
  • 3/4 = 3/4-Liter or <1.5-pint
  • 1 = 1-Liter which is just slightly smaller than a US 1-quart
  • 4-Liter = 1-gallon
And their height - 

Image Pickl-It Size Chart









Pickl-It offers a wide-range of sizes, because it is important to under-fill or over-fill a jar. Food shoud not exceed the "shoulder" of the jar - the area that is curved outward, just below the "neck".  

The capacity, or amount of solid foods, that fit into each Pickl-It varies, depending on the type of cut - thread, dice, slice, chunks, whole - and if it can be compacted.  Shredded carrots and thread-thin kraut slices are easier to compact than pickilng cukes, for example.

Liquid & Solids Capacity Examples - General Estimate:


SIZES 3/4-liter 1-liter 1 1/2-liter 3-liter
DIMENSIONS 5¼” h x 4¼” d 6¼” h x 4¼” d 8¾” h x 4¼” d 9 1/2” h x 5 1/2” d
CAPACITY 1/2-lb solids 3/4 to 1-lb solids 1 1/2 to 2-lbs 2 1/2 to 3 lbs
3-c liquid 4-c liquid 6-c liquid

3/4-gal liquid


A 5-Liter jar will hold 4 to 5 lbs of whole carrot-chunks, whole pickling cukes, but may hold as much as 8-10 pounds of cabbage threads for kraut.  The above-chart is a general idea to get you going.  As you experiment and discover which foods are your favorite to make, you'll develop your own favorite Pick-It sizes to use. 

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