What size should I slice cabbage, used for making sauerkraut?

Image Cutting Cabbage

For starters, we’ve found the easiest-to-handle whole cabbage is 3 to 4 pounds:

  • Slice cabbage in half
  • Remove “heart” from each half
  • Cut each half, in half, ending up with four quarters

Use a mandolin that has an angled blade, for the most consistent “thread” cuts which are fine, wispy, almost-translucent. This type of cut achieves the best traditional sauerkraut flavor and texture. The thread-cut also opens up more of the plant’s cells, releasing a larger number of lactic-acid bacteria for a more vibrant ferment.

If you have a straight-blade mandolin, refer to this FAQ for photos on changing the angle which you hold the cabbage wedge against the blade.

We do not recommend the use of food processors, as even the most narrow blade – 2mm, and the shredding disc, aren’t capable of making a fine enough cabbage thread.

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