How do I keep grated and sliced vegetables under the brine?

Image Criss Cross Kraut

The Pickl-It Dunk’R was created to weigh vegetables down, keeping them under the brine. There are times, however, when smaller cuts bob to the surface, poking above the brine around the edges of the Dunk’R.

An easy solution, in keeping “pokies” under the brine, is to criss-cross thin slices of carrots, turnips, celery, or any number of other vegetables, across the top of the vegetables needing to be held under the brine. Remember, place the Dunk’R on top the criss-crossed strips, to weigh everything down.

Be sure to leave some airspace when you’re criss-crossing your vegetable slices, so that the oxygen and gases have an escape route!

No matter which container you use for lacto-fermentation, whether it is a Pickl-It, or an open-bowl or crock system, it is always a bad idea to completely cover the vegetable surface with plastic bags, cabbage leaves, plates, etc., blocking the discharge of oxygen and gases which will cause discoloration, off-flavors, and sometimes slimy textures.

Tip Star For photography purposes, we left the ends of the carrot strips sticking up above the brine surface. These ends MUST be trimmed – either snipped off with a kitchen shears, or a sharp knife, and then tucked in under the brine.