My Pickl-It just arrived! How do I set it up?
Graphic No 1 Pickl-It Components
Image Pickl-It
  • A Glass Fermenting Container

  • B Glass Lid with installed airlock grommet

  • C Barrel Air Lock

  • D Dunk’R – available to purchase separately

  • E Plug’R

  • F BPA-Free Lid Gasket

For expanded details of each, see Pickl-It Components Quick Reference Guide

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Graphic No 2 Install Lid Seal – If your white, all-natural (replaceable) rubber gasket (F) is NOT installed on the underside of the cover (B), please attach it.

The gasket/seal is dishwasher safe and may be removed for washing, but must be attached to the lid for proper Pickl-It functioning.

Image Cover Band

To keep the wire-bail looking shiny & new, be sure to remove it before placing it in your dishwasher. Refer to Removal Instructions

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Graphic No 3 Install Pickl-It Glass Lid – Next, attach the Pickl-It glass lid (B) to the Pickl-It jar (A). If your Pickl-It arrived with the lid attached, go to Step #4.

Attaching your lid, one “loop” at a time is easiest. Simply slide one of the lid “loops” onto the jar “hook”. “Pinch” the unattached, second “loop”, and slide it onto the remaining jar hook.

Image Attach Lid

Your Pickl-It lid is detachable! Please detach the Pickl-It lid, as well as, the two-part wire-bail system, using these FAQ instructions before placing in dishwasher.

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Graphic No 4

Image: Airlock Detailed Instructions are Located in the FAQ section

  • Insert the airlock into the grommet with a gentle, rotating motion
  • Insert the airlock from the top of the lid, down
  • The photo shows proper insertion: the airlock’s air-ports, located on the bottom airlock tip, are clearly visible, extending just below the border of the grommet
  • Do not force the airlock airports lower than the photo, as brine may be drawn up into the airlock
  • Use the opposite gentle twisting motion to remove the airlock – do not pull it straight out or you could end up ripping or removing the grommet
  • Do not fill the airlock with water until the Pickl-It is loaded with food and the Pickl-It cover is latched

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Graphic No 5 You’re ready to load your Pickl-It with food!

Other helpful FAQ include:
Brine recipes
Maximum fill-level
Minimum fill-level
Using the Dunk’R to pack vegetables/remove oxygen
Filling the airlock with water

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Graphic No 6 Congratulations! You’ve covered your vegetables in brine, latched the wire-bail lid to the *Pickl-It container, and filled the airlock with water to the fill-line. You are now lacto-fermenting food!*

Image Cover Move your Pickl-It container to a dark corner because UV light will destroy lactic-acid bacteria.

Cover your Pickl-It with a Pickl-It cover, or with one of your own towels.

Do not cover the airlock with a towel, but instead, simply wrap a kitchen towel around the glass container, to block all light.

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