There's frothy foam on my beet juice kvass. Is it spoiled?

The sign of “frothy foam” sitting on top your beet juice kvass should not be taken as a sign-of-doom, but instead, a sign-of-success!

Highly-active beet juice kvass that has a healthy level of carbonation is going to froth and foam, which ends up floating on the kvass surface. Carbonation means that your lactic-acid bacteria are healthy!

When foam, also known as “scum” appears, simply open your Pickl-It and carefully scrape it off. Try to clear off as much as possible, but if you don’t get it all? Don’t worry if you don’t capture every single frothy bubble.

Graphic No 1 Image Beet Juice Foam

Graphic No 2 Image Beet Juice Foam

Graphic No 3 Image Beet Juice Foam

Graphic No 4 Image Beet Kvass