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What is the Pickl-It Dunk'R?

Our specially-designed Dunk’R holds the vegetables under the brine! We’ve tested a lot of contraptions over the last half-dozen years – and the Dunk’R is just right!

What is the Pickl-It Airlock?

The airlock is an important component of the Pickl-It system, creating a low-oxygen, or, anaerobic environment, in which lactic-acid bacteria thrive and remain healthy! Oxygen is NOT desirable, working against creating healthy fermented-foods.

Is there lead in the Pickl-It wire-bail or glass container?

There is no lead in the Pickl-It wire-bail metal closure OR its glass container, both manufactured by Bormioli Rocco, in business since 1825.

What are the Pickl-It parts?

Pickl-It Parts – Inclusion May Vary According to Individual System

A. Glass Fermenting Container
B. Glass Lid with installed airlock grommet
C. Barrel Air Lock
D. Dunk’Ravailable to purchase separately
E. Plug’R”
F. BPA-Free Cover Gasket”

What is the capacity of each Pickl-It?

Jar Capacity:

  • 3/4-liter = 1/2-pound or 3-cups liquid
  • 1-liter = 3/4 to 1-pound solids or 4-cups liquid
  • 1 1/2-liter = 1 1/2 to 2-pounds or 6-cups liquid
  • 3 liter = 2 1/2 to 3 pounds, or 3/4-gallon liquid
What are the dimensions of each Pickl-It?

Dimensions Without Airlock:
¾ liter: 5¼” height x 4¼” wide
1 liter: 6¼” height x 4¼” wide
1½ liter: 8¾” height x 4¼” wide
3 liter: 9 1/2” height x 5 1/2” wide
4 liter: 11” height x 6” diameter
5 liter: 11.5” height x 6.5” diameter

Note: The 3L and smaller jars are ‘square’ in shape and the the 4 and 5 Liter are round.

Why are there so many Pickl-It sizes?

The Pickl-It has been designed to meet a wide-range of needs. The 3-liter Pickl-It is ideal for making 3-lbs of pickles, while the 3/4-liter Pickl-It is perfect for small batches of jams, jalapeno pepper sauce, salsa or even just a few servings of kefir.

Why does the airlock have three parts?

The airlock has three components, each contributing to a healthy lactic-acid fermentation process:
AMain barrel
BFloat, aka, Valve
CSnap-on plastic cover

Follow “read more…” link for additional details.

What is a Pickl-It Plug'R?

The Pickl-It Plug’R simply and easily converts your Pickl-It to a refrigerator-storage container! The Pickl-It Plug’R was designed to release excessive carbon dioxide (CO2). The Plug’R will “pop” out, before the jar “pops”!

Safety & Handling Instructions

We’ve loaded this Pickl-It website with helpful FAQs, recipes, tips and ideas, all with the goal of making lacto-fermenting as easy and tasty as possible! When you’re ready to use your Pickl-It, be sure to check out the “Getting Started” section, located in the upper-right column. And here are a few other helpful pointers….

Dual Media KDF Shower Filter Technical Information

Our Dual Media KDF Shower Filter works on a similar principle to a Catalytic Converter in an automobile. In shower filtration free-chlorine is converted into a harmless chloride. The scientific name for this chemical reaction is known as “Reduction-Oxidation”, commonly referred to as Redox.

What is the mini-airlock?

Image Mini Airlock Mini-Airlocks for Refrigerated Storage!(What is an airlock?)

  • 50% smaller than our full-size airlock
  • Two-part construction
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Included with all 3/4-Liter, 1-Liter, Condiment Duo, and Condiment Trio
  • Ideal for refrigerator-storage of foods that require long-term “curing” and are active producers of carbon dioxide, such as kraut, pickled-cukes, kimchi, and pepper mashes
  • Fits all Pickl-It lids
  • Not intended for use on 3-Liter, 4-Liter, or 5-Liter larger for initial fermentation; may be used for secondary-fermentation on these sizes, or long-term storage

Phone and EMail Orders

In addition to Google cart, we offer additional ordering & payment options.

Pickl-It Sizes

A quick handy-guide to jar sizes, featuring height and capacity.

What are the sizes and capacities of the Pickl-It?

We’ve designed the Pickl-It so there’s a perfect size to fit your need – from single to triple batches of sourdough batters, 1 to 4 pounds of peppers, kraut, or pickles – Pickl-It is designed to fit the container size to the amount of food.

Are Dunk'Rs included with the Pickl-It?

We've removed the Dunk'R from all Pickl-It Single and Bundle selections, offering individual or multi-pack Dunk'R. Typically, customers use two Pickl-It Dunk'R in the Pickl-It 2-liter, and three Dunk'R in the Pickl-It 3-liter, 4-liter and 5-liter.


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  • In the thirteenth century, pickles were served as a main dish at the famous Feast of King John.

    —Feast Food


  • Thanks for the clear instructions, Kathleen! I mustered the discipline to let the fermentation work undisturbed, leaving it alone! I’m not used to that! Used to skimming off mold! I’m amazed how good my first attempt with it – khimchee – has come out. You made it so easy.

    —Jamie - Massachusettes