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Replacement Parts

While we’ve chosen heavy-duty, long-wearing components for Pickl-It, accidents, wear ‘n tear happen! So that you won’t lose your investment in your Pickl-It fermentation system, we offer component replacements. If you need a new lid or jar, please contact us directly.

ALL replacement items are available to Pickl-It customers ONLY.

Pickl-It Dunk'R - 3-pack
Item 703
Product Details

Dunk’R 3-pack provides additional discs, handy for keeping food tucked under brine during refrigeration storage.

Pickl-It Dunk'R - 3-pack  Item#:  PP002-3
List Price:  $27.00
Discount Price: $25.00
You save:
Mini Airlock
Image Mini Airlock
Product Details

50% smaller than our full-size airlock

Sorry, this product is temporarily out of Stock. Check back later!

Replacement Airlock Grommet
Image Grommet
Product Details

This is designed to replace the airlock grommet located on the Pickl-It lid which may tear if the airlock is not gently inserted, using a “screw-in” or twisting motion. Lubricating the airlock tip and the grommet, with a few drops of warm water, helps.

Simply pop out the torn grommet, and “pop” the replacement in place. The lid’s glass slips into the groove, in the center of the grommet.

AVAILABLE FREE-of-charge ONLY TO PICKL-IT CUSTOMERS – Please contact us via email and make arrangements to send us your torn grommet. In return, we’ll mail a replacement.

Airlock Replacement

Product Details

This is the same high-quality barrel-style airlock which comes with every Pickl-It lacto-fermentation system.

Airlock Replacement  Item#:  PP004-1
Price:  $ 5.00
Pickl-It Dunk'R
Item 701
Product Details

The Pickl-It Dunk’R is ideal for holding fermented foods under the brine, during fermentation and refrigeration.

Sorry, this product is temporarily out of Stock. Check back later!

Pickl-It Plug'R - 3-pack
Item 805
Product Details

The Plug’R easily converts your Pickl-It container into an ideal and convenient refrigerated storage container for your lacto-fermented foods.

Pickl-It Plug'R - 3-pack  Item#:  PP001-3
Price:  $ 4.00
Replacement Lid Seals - Package of 6
Lid Gaskets
Product Details

All-natural food-grade, BPA-free Italian replacement lid seals are dishwasher safe, and specially designed to replace Pickl-It lid seals.

Replacement Lid Seals - Package of 6  Item#:  PP003-6
List Price:  $8.00
Discount Price: $7.00
You save:

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  • Lactic acid was first isolated in 1780 by a Swedish chemist, Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

    —Lactic Acid's Discovery


  • I bought my first batch of Pickl-It jars and am in love. Finally, fermenting is working for me!

    —Terri B., Raleigh, NC