Condiment Duo Bundle

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Condiment Duo Bundle


Uses: Perfect for creating your favorite fermented condiments, including: mayo, fish sauce, ketchup, mustard, jams, chutney, salsa, as well as single-batches of flatbread batters or sourdough cultures.


  • One 3/4-liter Pickl-It glass container (1/2-lb to 1-lb or 3 cups liquid)
  • One 1-liter Pickl-It glass container (3/4-lb to 1 1/2 lbs or 4 cups/1 quart liquid)

Includes two each:

  • Tight-fitting, air-tight glass lid
  • High-capacity easy-to-clean barrel-style airlock (mini-airlock may be purchased separately)
  • FDA food-grade grommet
  • Natural food-grade rubber white lid seal
  • Plug’R – Converts Pickl-It into storage container when airlock is removed

Note: The Dunk'R is not included with Pickl-It jars and is not necessary for all ferments. If you are fermenting solid vegetables (not liquid ferments) you may wish to add one or more Dunk'Rs to your order.

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